With a population of 340,000, Croydon has the largest population of any borough in London and was historically known as a small market town. more

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Langland Gardens, Shirley, CROYDON
listing for sale , CR0 8DU Croydon [more]
Meadvale Road, CROYDON, Surrey
listing for sale , CR0 6JU Croydon [more]
Purley Way, CROYDON
studio flat for sale , CR0 4NU Croydon [more]
Springhurst Close, Shirley, CROYDON
house for sale , CR0 5AT Croydon [more]
Shrublands Avenue, CROYDON
flat for sale , CR0 8JA Croydon [more]
Canning Road, CROYDON, Surrey
studio flat for sale , CR0 6RY Croydon [more]
Canterbury Road, CROYDON, Surrey
studio for sale , CR0 3HE Croydon [more]
Strathmore Road, CROYDON, Surrey
home for sale , CR0 2JP Croydon [more]
Wickham Road, Shirley, CROYDON
flat for sale , CR0 8TJ Croydon [more]
Teevan Road, Addiscombe, CROYDON
listing for sale , CR0 6RN Croydon [more]
London Road, CROYDON, Surrey
3 bedroom flat for sale , CR0 2NU Croydon [more]
Whitstable Place, CROYDON
flat for sale , CR0 1SA Croydon [more]


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Basic Information
Established: 1965
Government Body: Croydon London Borough Council
Population: 340,000
Area: 87 km²
Population density: 3,950 / km²