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propertyads gives you

several property portals in one single search
a fast and intuitive search
an interactive map
useful surrounding area information
The propertyads features
The interactive map

interactive mapBy simply scrolling on the interactive map, the search results are immediately updated and displayed both on the map and in the search result list!

The property pin

The property pinThe red property pin indicates the location of the found properties on the interactive map and provides key information about the selected objects.

Find the perfect flat to rent with propertyads

It can often be difficult to find great flats to rent. The location of the flat is important, living near a school, next to a train station or on a quiet street can be important factors to consider. propertyads can help you find the perfect flat to rent, we provide property offers a menu of different search options, helping you narrow your search and find the home of your dreams.

propertyads searches national and regional online property portals and combines them into one, easy to read results page. Whether you are looking for an apartment, house or flat to rent, you can be confident that propertyads will help find the right home for you. From thousands of properties you can refine your search until you find your perfect flat.

Our interactive maps make it even easier to find a flat to rent. This feature makes it easy to determine the location of a flat; you can see whether it is situated on a quiet side street or a busier main road. Our maps display the location of schools, public transport hubs and amenities in the local area. With one click you can also see other flats for rent in the same area, there’s no need to fill in the search options again.

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