With a population of 215,200, Harrow is the 12th largest London Borough and officially the most diverse local authority in the UK. Harrow is home to the highest Indian population in London with a total of 22% of Harrows population being from Indian origin. Therefore there is a 62% chance that two random Harrow residents have different religious backgrounds. Unknown to many but Harrow has the third largest population of millionaires than in any other London borough. more

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Sidney Road, Harrow, Greater London
listing for sale , HA2 6QE Harrow [more]
Weald Lane, Harrow, Greater London
listing for sale , HA3 5EY Harrow [more]
South Hill Road, Harrow
house for sale , HA2 0NQ Harrow [more]
Stanley Road, Harrow, Greater London
apartment for sale , HA2 8FB Harrow [more]
Uxbridge Road, Harrow, Greater London
listing for sale , HA3 6TW Harrow [more]


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Harrow Harrow
Basic Information
Established: 1965
Government Body: Harrow London Borough Council
Population: 216,200
Area: 50 km²
Population density: 4,283 / km²