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propertyads gives you

several property portals in one single search
a fast and intuitive search
an interactive map
useful surrounding area information
The propertyads features
The interactive map

interactive mapBy simply scrolling on the interactive map, the search results are immediately updated and displayed both on the map and in the search result list!

The property pin

The property pinThe red property pin indicates the location of the found properties on the interactive map and provides key information about the selected objects.

Find the perfect house for sale with propertyads

If you are looking for a house for sale, propertyads provides you with clear search options to narrow your search. We combine the search results from national and regional portals into one, easy to read page, so there’s no need to enter the same information on multiple sites. With over thousands of houses for sale, your new home will be quicker and easier to find. Whether you are searching for a terraced house, villa, detached house or a town house for sale you can be sure to find it with our property search engine.

Our interactive maps provide you with everything you need to know about your chosen location. Distance from the selected property to local transport, shops, schools and universities are all shown on the map so you can get a feel for the area of your new house. One of the advantages of our maps is the ability to view other houses for sale in the same neighbourhood, we will remember your search choices so there’s no need to fill in the same options again.

Finding and buying a house for sale can provide much needed security, especially in times of financial crisis. Owning a house can be a valuable long-term investment as the value of houses often rises significantly over time. Many homeowners find their monthly payments are even lower than renting a house.

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