Merseyside has a population of 1,365,901 and covers a 249 sq/mi area. The average house price is £146,946 and the rental prices average around a price of £604 for 1-4 bedrooms. The main type of housing is terraced. more

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Lawrence Court 15 Highfield Road South Birkenhead Liverpool
2 bedroom flat for sale , CH42 4NA Liverpool [more]
Stevenson Street, Liverpool, L15
home for sale , L15 4HA Liverpool [more]
Number 4 Hargreaves Road, Liverpool, L17
apartment for sale , L17 8XX Liverpool [more]
Carr Lane, Liverpool
house for sale , L11 4SQ Liverpool [more]
Gidlow Road, Liverpool
home for sale , L13 2AW Liverpool [more]
Childwall Avenue, Liverpool
house for sale , L15 2JB Liverpool [more]
Woolton Street, Woolton
studio for sale , L25 7TQ Liverpool [more]
Stirling Lane
home for sale , L25 9GF Liverpool [more]
Rosslyn Street, Liverpool, L17
house for sale , L17 7DW Liverpool [more]
Stevenson Street, Liverpool, L15
house for sale , L15 4HA Liverpool [more]
Brookdale Road, Liverpool
L15 3JF Liverpool [more]
Runnels Lane, Thornton
home for sale , L23 1TR Liverpool [more]


County flag
Basic Information
County Capital: Liverpool
Largest County City: Liverpool
Population: 1,365,901
Area: 645 km²
Population density: 2,118 / km²