With a of 187,600, the borough of Sutton is the 14th largest London borough by area and one of the most popular commuter destinations from central London. Sutton borough claims to be one of London’s greenest and cleanest boroughs. The borough is made up of mostly quiet residential neighborhoods and more than 89 open spaces and parks, making up a total area of 1500 acres. Popular parks within the Sutton borough included Nonsuch Park, Cheam Park and Carshalton Park. more

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Sorrento Road, SUTTON
home for sale , SM1 1QU Sutton [more]
Benhill Road, SUTTON, Surrey
flat for sale , SM1 3RL Sutton [more]
Turnpike Lane, SUTTON, Surrey
flat for sale , SM1 4HB Sutton [more]
Burnell Road, SUTTON, Surrey
flat for sale , SM1 4EG Sutton [more]
Chilworth Gardens, SUTTON, Surrey
listing for sale , SM1 3SP Sutton [more]
Benhill Wood Road, SUTTON, Surrey
flat for sale , SM1 4HS Sutton [more]
Bourne Way, SUTTON
house for sale , SM1 2EN Sutton [more]
Westminster Road, SUTTON
studio flat for sale , SM1 3NL Sutton [more]
Frederick Road, SUTTON
house for sale , SM1 2HP Sutton [more]


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Sutton Sutton
Basic Information
Established: 1965
Government Body: Sutton London Borough Council
Population: 187,600
Area: 44 km²
Population density: 4,278 / km²